Fiscal and Budgetary Reforms in Mauritania's 2024 Finance Bill


The 2024 Finance Bill in Mauritania focuses on strategic fiscal and budgetary reforms. These reforms aim to optimize revenue collection and streamline expenditures, thus contributing to the country's macroeconomic stability.

Fiscal Reforms

Key measures in the 2024 fiscal reforms include:

  • Introduction of e-filing and e-payment for large enterprises, simplifying tax processes and enhancing transparency.
  • Implementation of Mauritania's international tax commitments, ensuring compliance with global standards.
  • Application of a common external tariff for imports, aligned with international standards.

Budget Management

Budget management focuses on:

  • Controlling operating expenses, particularly by reducing costs in key sectors.
  • Allocating funds for structuring projects, supporting economic and social development.
  • Continuing a prudent budgetary policy to ensure the sustainability of public finances.

Impact on Economic Growth

These reforms are expected to positively impact economic growth by fostering a healthy business environment and attracting more investments.


The fiscal and budgetary reforms in the 2024 Finance Bill demonstrate Mauritania's commitment to strengthening its economic governance and fostering inclusive and sustainable growth.

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